Robotic Process Automation

Global Enterprise Hyperautomation Report 2022

Benefits Provided by our RPA Solutions


Enables you to scale on-demand, which leads to business agility. There is no need to make changes in the existing process


Business users can develop RPA bots within a few weeks and find increased Return On Investment in just a matter of days.

High-Quality Service

Eliminates human intervention and brings a higher degree of accuracy and reliability eliminating human-caused errors.

Reduces Cost

Reduces operating costs with zero error rates to a huge extent. Full-time bots are equivalent to humans for cost-saving.

More Insights & Analytics

Achieve better insights and actionable information about process loopholes and pain areas with automated processes.

Increased Speed & Accuracy

Offers High-speed transactions with 24/7 automation, leading to faster service, less error correction, and less overall waste.

Better Employee Experience

Increases productivity with employee involvement in strategic tasks rather than repetitive rule-based mundane tasks.

Our Approach


  • Develop RPA Business Case
  • Assess RPA opportunities
  • Define RPA Roadmap
  • RPA Tools Evaluation and Selection


  • Identify business processes for a
    couple of Pilots
  • Setup RPA Best Practices
  • Set up the necessary infrastructure
    to run the Pilots
  • Determine realistic ROI expectation


  • Evaluate Pilot and Lessons learnt
  • Evaluate whether RPA deployment has met business expectations
  • Identify and Prioritize more processes for RPA


  • Establish a well defined Governance model for managing RPA implementations
  • Enable strong collaboration between business and IT


  • Bring in concepts of IQ Bots and AI to takeon more complex business process

Continuous Improvement

  • Spread awareness across divisions
    and departments to adopt RPA
  • Set up As-a-service-model
  • Re-engineer Business Processes to
    maximize RPA benefits

Industries & Use Cases


  • Automated Inventory Management
  • Improved Decision Making
  • Streamlined Employee On-boarding
  • Efficient Customer Support
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Analytics
  • Enhanced Operational and
  • Technical Efficiency
  • Demand-Supply planning
  • Returns Processing
  • RPA In Retail


  • New customer On-boarding
  • Customer Upgradation Process
  • New broadband plan
  • Order Processing
  • Cancellation process for existing customer
  • Ticketing system, Aging Process
  • Sim card Activation Process
  • KYC Process
  • Credit Check Process
  • Address Validation
  • RPA In Telecom


  • Helps optimize routine processes
  • Increases the go to market speed
  • Minimizes human errors
  • Increases agility in operations
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Frees up resources
  • Elevates regulatory compliance
  • Enhances real-time process monitoring
  • Replaces paper with Digitalize
  • Digitizes communication
    RPA In Manufacturing

Supply Chain

  • Order Prioritisation
  • Master data management
  • Invoice verification
  • Receipt confirmation
  • Scheduling processes
  • Reporting & Billing
  • Production information capture
  • Inbound processing
  • Inventory management processes
  • Pricing management
  • RPA In Supply Chain


  • Verification / Auditing Process
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Compliance Processing
  • Customer Account Management
  • New Application processing
  • Data Migration between apps
  • Audit Trail
  • Statement & Reporting
  • Loan Processing
  • Payment Cancellations
  • RPA In Banking


  • Claims Processing and Administration
  • Report Automation
  • Updating User Info
  • Adjudication Process
  • Audit & Billing
  • Enrolment & Eligibility
  • Medicare Billing & Compliance
  • Insurance Coverage & Policies
  • New Premium Processes
  • RPA In Insurance

Network & IT

  • Active Directory
  • File Systems
  • FTP Management
  • Automated Installations
  • Server Management
  • Application Management
  • Monitoring and Alert Management
  • Service Desk Management
  • Notification & Escalation
  • VMware Integration
  • Data Movement


  • Enhances Regulatory Compliance
  • Provides Real-Time Process Monitoring
  • Provides Detailed Analytics
  • Simplifies time-intensive processes
  • Manages data and IoT
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Innovative solutions to customers
  • Digitizes paper files
  • Enables digital communication
  • Simplifies Regulatory Compliance

HR & Payroll

  • Maintain Master Data
  • Offer Letter Process
  • Onboarding and Exit
  • Appraisal-updating process and Payroll Status
  • Position Management
  • Reporting Line Change
  • Payment Summaries
  • Employment Type Updates
  • Leave Amendments
  • RPA In HR / Payroll

PureSoftware RPA Center of Excellence

PureSoftware has a dedicated Center of Excellence for RPA Services & Solutions with 30+ highly skilled resources. We consistently conduct thorough research to identify use cases that are to be automated for different industries. The CoE is responsible for setting up the best practices and guidelines for RPA Implementation Process.

Our typical CoE structure is given below:

Delivery Leadership

  • Key Sponsor
  • CoE Manager
  • Business Leader

Functional Management Team

  • RPA Program Manager
  • Support Manager
  • Solution Architect
  • Domain SMEs
  • RPA

Central RPA Team

  • Business Analysts
  • Developers
  • Trainers
  • Customer Experience
  • Knowledge Base
  • L1/L2 Support

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