This privacy statement explains that PureSoftware Limited (hereinafter referred to as “PureSoftware”) and its entities around the world adhere to the following privacy and data protection principles with regards to Data Subjects’ personal information (including products, entire clientele, employees, prospects, vendors, contractors, applicants, and partners)  

The objective of this privacy statement is to explain how “PureSoftware”, referring to PureSoftware Limited, including its associates and subsidiaries (also referred to as “we”, “us”, “its”, or “ours”), use the personal information you provide to us and, subject to local law, any personal information we collect from other sources.


This privacy statement covers the information practices followed by us at PureSoftware. The way we collect, use, and secure it throughout our website that comes under the scope of this Privacy statement. 

PureSoftware provides links to third-party websites on its site for marketing purposes, however, it does not control the privacy policy of these websites. Once a user clicks on the link and is redirected to the third-party website, PureSoftware does not endorse its users to submit any personal information on those websites without referring to their respective privacy statement. Our privacy statement does not cover the disclosures made on such third-party websites.  

PureSoftware encourages you to review social media privacy policies to understand how your information will be used and shared by the social media platform before you share PureSoftware information on social media sites, and/or interact with us on them. The use of personal information by social media sites is beyond the scope of our privacy statement. PureSoftware’s website is not targeted at children under the age of 13 years. Your use of our website warrants that you are above 13 years of age. 

We are not liable for any unrequested information that you share with us. You consent to PureSoftware to use it for purposes specified by its privacy statement.

Type of personal information collected by PureSoftware 

PureSoftware may collect the following personal information such as: 

  • First Name 
  • Last Name 
  • Organization name/ Company name 
  • Company E-mail address 
  • Personal E-mail address 
  • Country/Location 
  • Job title 
  • Phone number 

Reasons for collecting personal information by PureSoftware 

PureSoftware collects personal information like first name, last name, organization name/company name, company email address, personal email address, country/location, job title, and phone number to respond to the requests you make for our products and/or services, and collect, use, or share the information with third parties whenever permitted by the relevant law for the purposes described in the privacy statement. 

How we collect your personal information 

PureSoftware collects your personal information like first name, last name, organization name/company name, company email address, personal email address, country/location, job title, and phone number through either of the following: 

  • Forms, queries, calls, or emails 

The personal information you provide to us when you fill forms, raise queries, call us, and/or write to us including information like first name, last name, organization name/company name, company email address, personal email address, country/location, job title, and phone number. 

  • Use of our website 

When you visit our website either through a mobile device or through PC, PureSoftware collects information like IP addresses, device details, web cookies, and web beacons to improve the efficiency of its website and marketing activities. When you access our website, you agree to us to process your information for purposes specified by this privacy statement. You can choose to refrain from receiving any marketing related communication on your mobile number, we will not use it unless legally required and/or necessitated. 

PureSoftware website contains links that redirect users to third-party websites. We encourage you to refer to the privacy statement of third-party websites before sharing any personal information with them as it falls beyond the scope of our privacy statement. 

  • Third-party sources  

When you engage with us on third party sources like social media sites, PureSoftware can collect your personal information to the extent allowed by the privacy preference settings of the platform.  

The ways we use your Data 

The personal information we may collect including first name, last name, organization name/company name, company email address, personal email address, country/location, job title, and phone number can be used for one or many of the following purposes: 

  • Run marketing campaigns for promotion 
  • Create brand awareness to generate brand equity 
  • Allowing you to download our resources 
  • Provide services as requested by you 
  • Generate leads through targeting 
  • Analyze behavior to deliver better experience 
  • Provide subscription related services and information 
  • Analyze website, its performance, and generate plans to improve it 
  • Market products and services based on legitimate business interests as applicable under the relevant laws 
  • Fulfill contractual obligations 

It is voluntarily your choice to allow us to receive your data and use it for the purpose specified in the privacy statement. We allow you an easy option to opt out of it as and when needed. We acknowledge the differences in laws globally and consider legitimate professional as well as business interests only. The data we may collect is never used to make any personal inference about your private life. 

Sharing of your personal information 

PureSoftware does not share your personal information with anyone except in the following circumstances: 

  • If we have your consent to do it 
  • If it is needed to provide you with the products or services, you need 
  • We may share your information with affiliated entities for none other than legitimate business purposes 
  • We may share your information to protect and secure your data from illegal access, fraud, threat, and/or legal requirements 
  • We may share your information if PureSoftware is acquired by or merged with another entity after ensuring the same level of data protection 
  • We may share your information with vendors to set up business meetings after your approval 
  • We may share your information with government authorities and other regulatory bodies to ensure legal compliance 
  • We may share your information to exercise our legal rights and/or defend against legal claims 

Data protection and Confidentiality 

PureSoftware has adequate organizational and technical measures in place to ensure that your data is protected, and confidentiality is maintained. We are taking immense steps to ensure that your personal data is: 

  • Collected fairly and legally 
  • Obtained through your voluntary consent 
  • Collected only for legitimate business purposes 
  • Available for your review when needed 
  • Secured against unauthorized access, fraud, threats, and tampering 

Right to your personal information 

This privacy statement provides you with some of the following rights subject to applicability of laws in your region. Based on the laws in your region you may have access to the following rights: 

  • Right to know 

You have the right to know the kind of personal information that we have maintained regarding you. 

  • Right to request 

You have the right to request us to update your personal information if it is incorrect 

  • Right to object 

You have the right to object to our use of your personal information, and you may ask us to delete or limit the usage of your data based on the regulations in your region. 

  • Right to opt out 

PureSoftware provides you with the right to opt out and allows you with an option to not provide the personal information requested for. You can withdraw your consent for sharing your personal information with PureSoftware at any time. You can also unsubscribe from receiving any marketing communications from our side. 

  • Right to complain 

PureSoftware grants you the right to complain in case you feel that your personal information is being used beyond the scope of our privacy statement. We take such requests extremely seriously and ensure the addressal promptly. The complaint should be made in writing to info@puresoftware.com  

PureSoftware respects the privacy requirements and choices of its users. Our users can exercise all the rights applicable under regulations like GDPR, LGPD, CCPA etc. in addition to the rights mentioned above by writing to us at info@puresoftware.com  


PureSoftware does not take responsibility for the authenticity of the information provided to it by the third party, whose duty is to provide authentic information. 

Grievance redressal 

Any complaint regarding the use of your personal information for purposes not specified in this privacy statement shall be referred to at the following email address – info@puresoftware.com 

We ensure the addressal of grievances promptly. 

Effective date 

This version of privacy statement is effective from 31st March 2022 and supersedes all other versions. 

Private statement updates 

PureSoftware updates its privacy statement from time to time. However, we never reduce the rights of our users under this privacy statement unless we have your explicit consent to it. It is good practice to keep referring to our privacy statement after a fixed interval of time. 

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