Robotics Automation for Flawless Provisioning Process for a French Telecom MNC

May 11, 2018

About Client 

As a renowned French Multinational Telecommunications Corporation, our client is a global integrator of communication solutions for multination corporations. The company offers an exceptional expertise to global enterprises in cloud computing, unified communications and collaboration, which manage and integrate the complexity of international communications. With the world’s largest, seamless network for voice and data, our client spans across 220 countries and territories around the globe.


Client had challenges relating to order provisioning request due to multiple processes and order types including offline and online orders. Professionals were having single work shift hours to support the process and multiple rules in identification and segregation of orders made the provisioning process more troublesome. There was a need to enable well-defined workflow, automate data exchange processes which allows flawless provisioning process without having need to navigate between different systems complex interfaces to place order.

Our Solution 

PureSoftware RPA team suggested Robotics as a real alternative to cater the automation challenge of client. Automation was successful by developing configurable rule based engine using customized bot. Provisioning process bot deployed by PureSoftware offered seamless dynamic allocation of order to the hardware production team. With every new provision request, bot starts processing the data according to defined business rules. Rule based checking is carried out externally and the data is transferred to the production team


High customer satisfaction as automation allowed 24X7 availability of the system

Reduction in team size due to automated workflows from Ordering to Provisioning

Cost saving of $500 K per year due to less human resource requirements

High accuracy with automated rule based checking

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