Top Three ideas that generated maximum value for the organization, clients or team will be awarded at the end of the year.

A new paradigm for ideators

Decode seeks to unite the essence of human creativity with the strength of technology, both of which culminate in that one moment and its infinite possibilities. It strives to help enhance the way we work and live for our society by instilling a culture of creativity and a problem-solving mindset.

Your ideas & efforts make us better always

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Why did PureSoftware launch Decode?

Decode provides an opportunity for employees to share their ideas that helped them, their team or organization improve, transform, and deliver better outcomes.

At PureSoftware, innovation is a business necessity. We believe in rewarding fruitful ideas and the people behind them.

Do I pay to submit Idea?

The Decode entries are free to submit and there is no cost associated with participation.

What is the judging process?

The entries will be judged in two stages. A PureSoftware jury will create the initial shortlist based on the details contained within each submission.

PureSoftware will identify 3 finalists within each category, and these will move on to Stage-2.

Each finalist will then have an opportunity to engage with PureSoftware jury to provide more details about the entry and to provide answers to the questions from the jury.

Details of the Judges deliberations will be confidential.

Which regions or countries are included?

All PureSoftware employees working globally can participate and submit their ideas. Whether they are global, regional and country specific, you are advised to include the geographic scope of your idea in your entry details.

As a PureSoftware employee can I nominate my clients’ project

Yes, you can but you need to ensure that you have written permission to do so as some details, such as organization and program names will appear on the PureSoftware website and communications.

*For any queries on the process flow, please write to us at myps@puresoftware.com

Idea Categories

All ideas submitted through the Decode Portal must be associated with at least one of the idea categories.

The idea should be in the stated categories: -

Solution – Patent ideas

First, the idea must be indigenous. the same idea shouldn’t have been published before in any form.

Under this Category, you need to submit an idea which is native to you and which you think can create an impact in the organization by addressing functional norms and challenges thereby creating a real-world impact.

The idea should be lucrative enough to be transformed from a freshly invented concept to its full-fledged technical development.

Project – Value ideas

Under this category, the ideas which can add or create value to the organization can be shared.

The ideas might have been in usage elsewhere and can be replicated in our organization too in order to increase overall productivity.

Organization - Improvement ideas

The objective is to help the company meet its strategic goals by adding value to every activity of the production process and delivering the best customer experience.

In order to discover which activities within the organization need to be modified and redesigned there are some important points that you should consider.

They are:

  • Bottlenecks that hinder and cause delay in operation.
  • Points of contact with customers.
  • Risky activities that can paralyze operations.
  • Activities which add the most value (improve them as much as possible).
  • Activities which do not add value (automate them or delete them).
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