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PureSoftware has been driving innovation and has won many awards for its products, Arttha and Arttha5G. Arttha is an award winning Unified Fintech platform that offer financial services to more than 30 million individuals worldwide, the second product Arttha5G offers two solutions RU and Integrated Small Cells that advance 5G deployment worldwide.

Digital Banking

Simplify Banking for Your Customers, Make Everything Seamless With Arttha

Digital Wallet & Payments

Accelerate Transaction Counts, Reduce Waiting Times for your Customers with Arttha Digital Wallet & Payments Solution

Loan Lifecycle Management

Transform your processes for the digital era with ArtthaLoan Lifecycle Management

Merchant Management

Engage your Merchant Partners with Arttha Merchant Management

Agent Banking

Experience Fast, Intelligent, and Cost-Effective Expansion with Arttha Agent Banking Solution

BNPL platform

The world’s leading white label BNPL platform for Point-of-Sale (POS) and E-commerce BNPL financing solutions.

Arttha5G Radio Unit

Powering higher bandwidth & capacity

Integrated Small Cell

Providing reliable and secure connectivity

Network Listening Module

Reducing the deployment time and cost for faster connectivity

PureClinical® Life Science Analytics Framework

Develop new therapies faster by making pharma analytics easily accessible to everyone

Digital Accessibility for Everyone

We bring you the latest and greatest in accessibility and tailored solutions to make digital information accessible for people with visual and cognitive disabilities.

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