Back to Work®

Inviting women in tech to relaunch their career with PureSoftware

A gateway to make a winning comeback in the corporate life

PureSoftware Back to Work® Initiative is a program that enables women who have taken a career break to return to the corporate world. It provides women in tech a plethora of career options to choose from so that they can work when they are ready.

We offer a wide range of career opportunities to extend our support to women who seek professional and personal growth while maintaining a work-life balance. This initiative aims to encourage incredible women in tech to re-engage with their professional lives.

Reclaim a rewarding career

We invite you to join our team if you resonate with our values. Join our hands to craft breakthrough solutions for the future, with the commitment to deliver value to our stakeholders while improving the lives of many.

Start where you left

If you want to return to the technology field, and transition seamlessly from where you left off when you took a career break, we promise a rewarding career at PureSoftware, and make it easier with the Back to Work® program.

Build a career at PureSoftware

  • Choose the shift/work schedule
  • Consultant or full-time role
  • Global opportunities
  • Jobs across multiple projects/domain specializations

Through Back to Work®

  • Learn, unlearn, and relearn
  • Explore the unexplored
  • Go extra mile
  • Adapt, align and augment

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