Seamless Plan Activation Process through Robotics for a leading global telecom company

April 10, 2018

About Client 

Client operates as one of the leading global telecommunications company along with its subsidiaries. Its Mobile Services offering include voice and data telecom services through 2G/3G/4G wireless technologies and sells suitable plans in Asian and African market. The company’s other business segment provides voice, data, video, network integration, data center, and managed services, as well as enterprise mobility applications and digital media solutions.


As a leading telecom company, client is engaged in selling large no. of appropriate voice and data plans. Due to high competition and demand client was rolling out multiple plans in a brief time span which led to a very short QA time and bigger QA team. Also, there were number of issues in the plans due to strict production and QA time.

Pre-automation, client was mostly processing a high volume of simple repetitive tasks. Further, the overall process was time consuming and there were high chances of clerical errors.

Our Solution 

Technological advancements have transformed the way of coming up with software robot which can meet high volumes & significantly save cost and effort. PureSoftware RPA team developed a plan activation bot by writing custom java program which communicated across devices like mobile, tablets and other systems and verified the plan provisioning, basic sanity for newly added customers. Automating the entire process eliminates various chances of errors and provides fast service to the customers.


Due to reduction in team size and man hours, client could save around $ 700K per year

Initially client had an Activation team of 20 members which got reduced to 2 post automation

Pre-automation it used to take 10 hours per person for a module development. Post automation this was reduced to 1 hour. Hence Cycle time was reduced by 90%

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