Leveraging RPA for Efficient Cargo Scheduling and Management

June 28, 2020

Business Problem

Our client, one of the world’s leading airmail service providers, had to deal with many cargos every day. The process of manual flight selection and cargo verification was time-consuming. Hence, the client wanted an automated process for cargo scheduling, cargo management, and airway bill documenting. They wanted a solution that can help them with better space utilization, faster documentation, and automated queueing of cargos for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Business Analysis

PureSoftware team analyzed the problems and started working on ways to optimize their complex cargo scheduling process. Our experts talked to the internal team to find out their most time-consuming processes and the difficulties faced by the operations department in handling these tasks. A comprehensive investigation and profound study into the process allowed our team to create a customized strategy to help the client automate their entire approach of dealing with cargos by leveraging RPA.

PureSoftware Solution

Our RPA team automated their cargo handling and shipment process by leveraging Automation Anywhere platform. The team decided to work on each department at a time to attain maximum results. We created a system that can automatically browse various websites to shortlist the available flight based on source and destination.

Implementing RPA helped our client reduce the overall time required for cargo verification and cost determination. When the buffer slots are available, the booking details will be filled automatically by the software. After confirmation, the system will redirect the client to the confirmed booking page, making the entire cargo shipment process fast and efficient.


Our automated RPA software helped the Airline company in the following ways:

  • Time required to complete the process reduced from 1 hour to just 12 minutes
  • Allowed queue transaction even after the non-office hours
  • Minimized errors and increased productivity
  • Triggered cost-reduction
  • Reduced client’s efforts significantly



Around USD 25000
saved per month



With RPA bots 60%
automation coverage achieved



Execution time reduced to
12 minutes from 1 hour

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