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Application Management Services

PureSoftware provides Application Management Services (AMS) and helps companies remove barriers to solution adoption by providing an SLA-based service for expert operational management. Our AMS service is designed to help you with accelerated product adoption, application support and configuration, User and Site and Management, Training, 24/7 coverage and much more.

AMS can power Customers to address mission-critical issues:
  • Capex vs Opex
  • Cloud cost optimization
  • Manage resource, talent and capacity needs
  • Solution shelf ware
  • Installed, but not expanding

AMS At A Glance!

Powering Streamlined Solution Adoption

AMS ANYTIME: Interim- or longer-term solution management at any point after a new solution go-live.

AMS CORE: Deliver ongoing solution management.
AMS Core+OptionsEnhance standard services for technology- or organisation-specific needs.

AMS DAY TWO Ease teams into managing a new solution by using a mature transition plan, interlock with ITSM standards.

12 Months - Years CORE+ 90 - 180 Days

Life Sciences Services & Solutions

Clinical Data

PureSoftware understands that the quality and integrity of the data are of primary importance.

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Clinical Data

Clinical Data Management is a critical phase in clinical research, and data integrity is of paramount importance.

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The complexities involved in regulatory safety reporting necessitates proficiency to ensure quick access to intelligent data.

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Managed Cloud

PureSoftware offers a spectrum of integrating applications and infrastructure services tailored to meet client-specific needs.

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Our Digital Capabilities for Life Sciences

We value partnering with life sciences organizations and develop technology-based solutions for them.

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Why Choose PureSoftware?

  • Enhanced operational efficiencies which can be measured through metrics.
  • Realizable productivity enhancement through improved processes, and significant cost benefits.
  • Data Management (CDM) & Biostatistics Team working together for better synergies.
  • Full transparency in dealing and robust governance

We have some of the World’s Best Life Science Organizations relying on us.
You can become the next one.

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