Driving Digitization of Labs with Next-Gen Solutions

An integrated cloud solution for efficient scientific data management that effortlessly integrates chemistry and biology data in one system for comprehensive research.

We help research centers enable continuous workflows, improve quality control efforts, and boost efficiency.

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Enabling the Lab of the Future

At PureSoftware, we help research centers and companies build the Lab of the Future through digitization by transforming conventional to digital labs leveraging next-gen technologies.

We aim to streamline the early drug discovery process right from identifying the target and screening a set of compounds to finally discovering the candidate. It not only saves hours for R&D-driven companies but also delivers a high-quality research experience by accelerating laboratory workflow automation.

Integrated Registration

Make informed scientific decisions by effortlessly accessing integrated data in both chemistry and biology registers for cross-study, experiment, or assay without the need for tedious data processing.

Lab Inventory Management

Streamline lab inventory management process from ordering to organizing and tracking seamlessly by automating all aspects of lab workflows via a single software effortlessly.

Electronic Lab Notebook

Simplify your scientific data research with a fully integrated ELN that lets you accommodate all sorts of data including chemistry, biologics, and materials experiments in a single, intuitive framework.

Smart Data Visualization

Get access to integrated scientific workflows and automated datasets across sources and smartly export all the results for visually appealing presentations, efficient decision-making, and faster data processing.

Federated Scientific Browsing

Leverage the benefit of web-based search and reporting seamless across in-house and third-party research databases and round-the-clock data accessibility with powerful browsing and reporting solution.

Assay Data Management

Seamlessly capture, create, and validate high-volume of scientific data for all kinds of research and development analysis leveraging centralized and automated data assay solution.

What makes us different

  • Dedicated Team We have a dedicated team of scientists and engineers with hands-on experience in laboratory informatics.
  • Intergrated Services We offer a fully integrated service package across the entire spectrum of the lab informatics landscape.
  • Streamlined Process We define, design, and deliver efficient lab processes powered by our end-to-end early drug discovery capabilities.
  • Latest Technology We enable digital transformation with our innovative ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) for pharma and other discovery programs.

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