What is remote visual support in contact center and how can it help your business?

August 5, 2021

The global contact center expenditure by companies amounted to 339.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. This is further expected to reach a new value of 500 billion U.S. dollars by 2027. With digitization, companies have found it more difficult than ever to keep up with the changing demands of their customers. Customers expect a constantly evolving product and swift customer service that can only be provided by those who adapt well in this digital landscape.

Digitization has changed how business operates fundamentally; now consumers are expecting not just quality products but also quick response times for any questions they might have about them or problems that arise on an individual level. Changing one’s company as quickly as possible is essential if you want to stay ahead–companies must transform themselves from traditional models into ones better suited for today’s technological world and its users’ expectations. This is where remote visual support comes in handy for offering customers remote assistance.

Customer support representatives (CSR) can give remote assistance to customers by utilizing device management solutions. Remote visual assistance enables businesses to resolve consumer queries and improve their customer satisfaction score (CSAT).

What does that mean for contact center?

Remote visual assistance is a perfect way to assist customers and guide them to resolve issues right through their mobile devices.

Take an example of a customer having trouble configuring a newly purchased router. To help the customer resolve this issue, the service provider is often contacted by the customer. In such a scenario, the service providers will be able to orchestrate effective and enriching customer experience if they have details of the user equipment or has a view/ replica of the gadget on the computer and provide accurate resolution to the customers by following the device guide for the next best step to resolve the issue. It allows the support staff to locate and draw on the customer’s screen during a live session.

Advantages of remote visual support for companies

call center agentEnhance the first-call resolution

Leveraging remote visual support, telecom operators can assist customers from any location as all they need is an active internet connection. Customers can use their mobile device to display the real-time situation to an expert and receive immediate assistance.

The remote visual support reduces the number of diagnostic inquiries that representatives ask customers over the phone. It increases the chances of them resolving the problem in the first call itself.

customer satisfactionImproved customer satisfaction rate

A high customer satisfaction rate is linked to a high FCR (First Call Resolution). And the consumer is only satisfied if the user’s problem can be resolved quickly.

As a result, remote visual support enables the customer to visually demonstrate the problem to the agent, allowing the agent to provide appropriate troubleshooting actions and resolve the issue. Customers tend to be more satisfied after receiving fast and efficient resolutions in the first go.

back in timeSaves time

Remote visual assistance helps agents provide speedy resolutions, resulting in reduced call duration and frequency, improving the AHT (Average Handling Time). By identifying and understanding the problem, agents can provide speedier resolution delivery reducing the Turn Around Time (TAT). Agents can use the saved time to complete other vital tasks. This also aids in the improvement of operational efficiency.

low pricesReduced operational costs

Customer support representatives can now interact with customers to resolve device-related issues by leveraging real-time remote visual support without visiting their place. Furthermore, a high FCR (First Call Resolution) reduces call volume and lowers the operator’s overall costs.

technicianAssisting on-the-job technicians

It’s not always easy to repair industrial and heavy-duty communication equipment. Even a minor mistake can cost a company a lot of money. On the other hand, remote visual support allows on-the-ground personnel to receive assistance from professional specialists to repair industrial and heavy-duty communication equipment.

Experts can easily walk on-the-ground technicians through setup procedures and conduct remote checks. This not only saves businesses money on travel, but it also allows them to get more operations up and running faster and with fewer travel delays.

How does remote visual support help companies serve their customers better?

eyeVisual Interaction

Although text messages and phone calls are excellent starting points for providing a great customer experience, remote visual assistance elevates the customer experience by successfully answering queries. Customers can now receive a much quicker resolution to the problems while interacting with the contact center agent. The visual console with contact center agent helps them troubleshoot queries by visual representation and assistance on the query resolution. The CSR gains visibility of devices and, as a result, assisting clients in determining the next best course of action for addressing the issue.

monitorAnnotations on the Screen

Through screen markups, supplementary texts, and illustrations, on-screen annotations assist operators in offering better solutions to clients. Customers can aim their smartphones at an IPTV device, a router, or any other connected device during the live video conversation. This allows agents to see the device in real time and show customers what to do and how to do it with the help of on-screen annotations.

Customers can be guided through a task via real-time images of the equipment. AR annotations enable both support representatives and consumers to contribute additional virtual information to the live camera feed.


Customers do not need to download anything because co-browsing allows for two-way browser-based engagement. With their consent, support agents can point, click, and annotate their customers’ screens. The co-browsing solution aids in the speedier resolution of difficulties, hence improving the user experience.

Customer support agents can use the tool to connect to a customer’s browser or app remotely. Agents can immediately spot customer difficulties and directly accurately help them with a co-browsing solution.

How can PureSoftware help:

Call center operators can improve customer satisfaction by providing remote assistance. It gives operators a competitive advantage by improving consumer satisfaction rates, which can lead to increased revenue.

PureSoftware has built new-age self-help and troubleshooting tool that provides customer support representatives access to the customer experience (CX) knowledge bank in the form of an AI-enabled smart step-by-step visual guide. This multi-deployment platform is highly interactive and easy-to-use, focusing on zero wait time to improve customer engagement. Our multi-lingual solution helps call center agents to increase the FCR, enables uniform service delivery, improves AHT, reduces the training, escalation, and manpower optimization cost.

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