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Embedded Software

Our Comprehensive Embedded Software Solutions

PureSoftware offers software solutions for embedded devices that allow product developers to efficiently create efficient connected devices. These devices may include extensive user interfaces and remote management through the cloud and communicate over networking and wireless protocols. The company uses base technologies such as Linux, Real-time operating system (RTOS), advanced multicore runtime, IoT enablement, machine learning enablement, and other embedded software development tools.

Board Support Package Development

PureSoftware specializes in creating custom Board Support Packages and OS Kernel packages that facilitate smooth interaction between your hardware and widely used software platforms such as Embedded Linux, Android, and FreeRTOS. Our team also has expertise in Bootloader, UEFI, U-Boot, Boot Time Optimization, and Customized API Development. We ensure seamless integration and compatibility, enabling your embedded system to function optimally.

Our strong partnerships with silicon vendors gives you the ability to select the most suitable development platform for your specific requirement.

Device Driver Development

The PureSoftware team can analyze custom hardware, hardware schematics, and reference manual datasheets to create software packages and device drivers that will enhance the performance of the customer’s product. The services extend to device driver benchmarking, driver porting, device driver updating, and auditing to ensure seamless integration and exceeding the necessary performance levels. PureSoftware provides Device Driver Development services on different leading platforms and processors with Linux (Open Embedded, Embedded Linux), Android, VxWorks, and Windows CE.

Our expertise in device driver development:

Drivers for Bluetooth chipset (like TI-LMX9838,PCIe , SATA, SFP, UEFI drivers, CCM, SERDES Driver, I2C

Console Drivers: UART, SPI Connectivity: Ethernet MAC

Camera Driver, Camera Tuning for 3A, Bad Pixel Correction FOV with Chromatix, Camera debugging with CTS and GTS.

Firmware and Middleware Solutions

PureSoftware offers complete firmware and middleware solutions to meet the needs of embedded systems in a wide range of areas, including developing MCU firmware, designing System Architecture and Partitioning, creating Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), building Protocol Stack, managing Power, and performing OTA Firmware Upgrades. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in working with a variety of hardware and CPU architectures such as ARM, X86, PowerPC, AVR, and PIC.

Embedded Applications and GUI

Get a sophisticated embedded GUI for your IoT solution. Developing applications for Embedded Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs) can aid in creating a positive customer experience and bringing necessary devices to the market.

PureSoftware can help in creating embedded GUIs for clients IoT devices and provide valuable guidance on choosing essential components and elements for optimal user interface design including the right hardware, software and embedded stack and the coding language best suited to the client’s needs.

Verification and Validation

PureSoftware helps with manual and automated testing, using advanced techniques, tools, and frameworks. To ensure that your custom device’s embedded systems function properly, we analyze the source code, perform emulations, and conduct tests on the device’s embedded software.

Control and User Plane Testing, Stack/Protocol Testing, Interface Testing, Interoperability Testing Performance Testing, Functionality Testing

Embedded Security

With the increasing number of deployments and new use cases for embedded systems and IoT devices, the vulnerability to security breaches also expands. It becomes imperative to address the potential risks associated with these advancements.

The level of security for your embedded devices depends on the technology employed and the operational environment. During the security assessment, we identify the system’s assets, vulnerabilities, and threats, as well as the necessary measures to safeguard these assets from potential attacks. With our extensive experience, we have successfully implemented various use cases, including network security solutions for IoT, cloud-based storage solutions, and secure key development to name a few. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we always deliver the best possible solutions to our customers.

Hardware Design and Prototyping

PureSoftware offers assistance in all stages of your project’s development process. This includes reference board selection, Operating system selection, OS porting and Optimization, board bring up and Proof of Concept (PoC).

We provide support in creating a testing infrastructure, selecting the appropriate Reference Board or Evaluation Kit along with required peripherals and connected infrastructure.

To ensure the success of your development project, we leverage our extensive experience and exposure to a wide range of platforms.

Arm: Processor/SOC’s of different Arm cores like v8,v7, Cortex M4, NXP-LS1021A, NXP-iMX6, ARDUINO-UNO/NANO, Raspberry-Pi3 & Renesas based SOC’s,

PowerPC – E500 v1/v2 core, e500 MC core (NXP/Freescale SOC- T4240, P4080, P2020, P1020, AFD-D4400, BSC-9131/9132, B4860 & P5020)

Enabling Performance with embedded OS

At PureSoftware, we recognize the paramount importance of choosing the perfect Operating System (OS) for your embedded projects. It directly impacts performance and ensures flawless functionality. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to assisting you in this vital decision-making process, guaranteeing that you unlock the complete potential of your embedded systems.

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Development of i.MX IoT Gateway for a Semiconductor Leader

The successful development of the i.MX IoT Gateway showcased our team’s expertise in IoT solutions. i.MX-based intelligent gateway proved highly beneficial for IoT, especially in home automation. It optimized energy by using a power-saving mode, transmitting data when necessary.

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Our Upstreaming expertise

PureSoftware, with a team of experienced engineers and developers specialize in upstreaming Linux kernels, device drivers, and other critical components. By contributing to the open-source community, we accelerate the innovation cycle while maintaining our commitment to quality and excellence.

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Our Partners

NXP Semiconductors is a global semiconductor company creating solutions that enable secure connections and infrastructure for a smarter world.

Arm is the leading technology provider of processor IP, offering the widest range of processors to address the performance, power, and cost requirements of every device.


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