RPA: A technology enabling digital workplace by reducing operational errors

May 17, 2018

Experts in technology have been so eager about the role of big data in the future. The internet of things and robotic process automation are among the big changes that are expected in the technology industry. Employees carry out a chunk of remedial tasks like copying and pasting information. By using algorithms, such tasks can be handled. Since RPA uses such algorithms, it eliminates the need for human employees. One other benefit that is related to the elimination of human employees is the elimination of human errors. This is because the RPA is responsible for handling data tasks.

Do you know that companies that use RPA cut their costs by 65%? This means that businesses can pay off the investment within the first six months. Experts say that the reduction in human error is among the major contributing factors for the reduced costs in the business. According to a white paper released in 2008, large companies lose about $62.4 million every year due to employee misunderstanding. Robotic process automation solutions have various applications which can help in reducing human error. For the company to enjoy the benefits, the applications must be programmed with the correct data so that it can handle processes accurately and quickly. Below are some applications of RPA and how they lower human error.

Processing Customer Requests

Customers file a number of queries to companies’ every day. In a bid to meet the ever increasing needs of the customer, companies resolve the queries appropriately by increasing avenues of communication. As a result of recent developments in technology, customers can now submit their queries online. Except for some activities such as healthcare information, the others can be handled by the robot without the need for human intervention. The robotic process automation solutions access important data such as credit scores and billing information amongst other information and provide it when the customer requests for the information.

Consistency in Marketing

Marketing is important for all organizations. Marketing campaigns help in building brand names. Organizations need to be consistent in their marketing campaigns for them to reap good fruits. Unfortunately, marketing teams are unable to be consistent in their efforts as they keep changing their minds. To maintain consistent marketing, companies can use automated marketing tools like GetResponse.  This eliminates the need for creation of new marketing strategies now and then. The consistency helps in building a strong brand name.

Compliance Reporting

Some companies are regulated by number of organizations, and they must comply with their requirements for them to operate. Some regulating bodies include IRS, OSHA, health departments, and state insurance. Every year, the organizations expect the companies to submit certain forms as part of their regulatory routines. Humans are tasked with preparing the forms.  Unfortunately, if they commit any error, the company can be charged expensive fines and in some cases, their licenses can be canceled. By using a well programed RPA, you will need to worry about errors and their consequences as the process will be error free.

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