Game Development Companies Set Bets on Game Testing, as Market Competition Turns Fierce

September 24, 2020

The online and mobile games have become one of the most ready-made transitions for sports fans worldwide during the COVID-induced shutdown. It is driving the growth of the gaming industry. It is quite evident in numbers. As per Newzoo, the global gaming market is likely to generate $159.3 billion in revenue in 2020 and could surpass $200 billion in revenue in 2023. It is due to the sudden rise in the number of gamers to over 2 billion globally. These numbers reflect the growing importance of a seamless, properly functioning, and highly interactive game.

With such a large customer base to serve, game development companies want to leave no scope of error or bugs in games of any kind. Gaming industry companies are growing vigilant about releasing a bug-infested game, as it would attract a massive amount of backlash from the gaming community.

The growing number of players, coupled with increasing competition in the gaming industry, is driving the demand for top-notch and proficient game testing companies and service providers. With games like PUBG taking the industry by storm, game developers are growing confident about the increasing lucrativeness of this sector now more than ever. Game testing is critical for game developers to stay relevant and competitive in this evolving industry.

Game Testing is becoming a Necessity for Game Development Companies Eying a Larger Pie in Industry!

Gaming is a fiercely competitive industry, and with the growing diversity in the kind of games played on different devices, the testing of games has become highly challenging. Players must get a flawless gaming experience in all aspects. Like critical software, a game can’t have any bug or error, which may prevent it from delivering optimum performance. With nearly thousands of possible bugs in a game, it has become essential for gaming companies to invest in the right game testing companies that promise end-to-end results to ensure flawless games.

With gamers having a lot of options to choose from, it has become important for companies to deliver a differentiated gaming experience to stay ahead of the competition in the gaming industry. Any game development company cannot afford to lose its customers due to any performance issues. This growing pressure has made mobile game testing and digital and casino games testing services vital for game development companies to be able to deliver a delightful experience to gamers.

Experienced Game Testers: Need of the Hour for Gaming Companies

The modern-day games have started offering greater convergence, making it a must for game development companies to ensure that the testing scope considers localized functionality verification testing, UI testing, compliance testing, and much more. It has driven the value of experienced testing teams even more.

Gaming companies that are seeking to not only build quality but also deliver value by offering bug-free games must partner with an experienced game testing company, such as PureSoftware. With strong domain expertise and advanced testing practices, the team of game testers at PureSoftware delivers the best games testing services with excellent performance to make the games bug free while faster time to market. PureSoftware Gaming Technology Solutions include comprehensive end-to-end solutions from game development to platform development apart from the compliance testing for various jurisdictions in the global market.

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