5 Red Flags that Your Tech Stack is Blocking Your Business’ Digital Transformation

April 19, 2021

2020 was a testing year. Businesses had to quickly adapt to unheard challenges; and technology enabled many businesses to survive the crisis caused by the pandemic. Moving forward in 2021 the new normal and beyond, organizations must optimize their infrastructure and tech stacks to stay relevant.

Organizations are challenged to reshape, reprioritize, and refocus their services to accelerate the transformation to the new digital business. A key capability which is required to enable this transformation is the ability to leverage digital infrastructure necessary for the rapid development and delivery of new services. They need to become tech-enabled to be able to scale as and when required.

Though the attributes of the digital infrastructure are clearly understood, many organizations are overlooking some key challenges that must be addressed for seamless digital transformation.

Let us walk you through some red flags for the digital transformation of your organization.

automationLack of Automation

The need of the hour for the IT is to deliver far greater business agility. Organizations need to be able to support the quick launch of new services and products, with a capability to deliver constant updates and improvements as well. For the successful cultural change in the DevOps, the underlying infrastructure must be fully automated to enable the near-instantaneous delivery of products and services. Automation has become a must for businesses for necessary transition to meet the evolving expectations.

scaleAbility to Scale

With the rapidly advancing technology, businesses now expect everything to ‘just work’. IT must be flexible and should readily offer immediate changes in scalability to support rapidly changing demand. Organizations owing IT assets which are incapable of scaling solutions in real-time through automated reconfiguration of the underlying infrastructure need to gear up. Such organizations are at a risk of facing difficulty in supporting the digital mindset that expects immediate flexibility across the business landscape.

goalConsumer-grade experience

Today’s customers expect an experience from your business like what they receive from consumer-facing organizations. Convenience and ease in hand through click-to-consume experience are transitioning into the new norms. Businesses that are incapable of offering such form of consumer-grade experience are struggling to leap into the new mindset.

mobileIncomplete virtualization

Digital transformation demands digital infrastructure following the need for agility. Only the businesses enabled to provision services quickly and respond faster to changes in demand, have a chance to lead in the future business landscape. Speed is the key to the success of businesses moving forward, and agile and automated estate start with virtualization. Virtualization is in fact deemed as a necessary step for organizations looking out to have an elastic and automated IT network.

buildBuild-first mentality

Business leaders are impatient for IT to provision the infrastructure required to provide services in the new normal. The build first approach is no longer futureproof. It is worthwhile for businesses to consider how they could shift to a build-last approach. Building from scratch is unsupportable going forward and time consuming as well.

These are some of the key warnings that indicate your business is not prepared for digital transformation. Organizations facing any of the discussed red flags as they plan to transform digitally can explore opportunities with PureSoftware. PureSoftware has been helping enterprises globally accelerate digital transformation with its end-to-end next-gen solutions and offerings. Explore PureSoftware’s digital solutions and service offerings to redefine your business processes and transform digitally with ease. Reach to us now.

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