Business Problem

Our client, a prominent IP technology company, requires OSS packages and must be upstreamed in the relevant communities, particularly ALPINE packages, and Docker images, tailored for their platform. Additionally, they aimed to offer these services in the cloud as Function as a Service (FAAS). To ensure compliance with industry standards, all the development work had to align with the LAMP Stack, and crucially, any contributions made.

Business Analysis

The project focused on developing and upstreaming essential OSS packages and open-source community collaboration. The team at PureSoftware developed OSS packages, tailored to seamlessly integrate with the IP technology company’s offerings. These packages addressed specific functionality and performance requirements, ensuring enhanced product capabilities.

PureSoftware Solution

The team at PureSoftware developed OSS packages meeting performance requirements and ensuring enhanced product capabilities. To guarantee the reliability of the developed OSS packages, PureSoftware conducted rigorous quality assurance and testing procedures, adhering to industry best practices. While initially challenging, PureSoftware successfully adhered to LAMP Stack compliance and upstreamed contributions in the relevant open-source communities, promoting collaboration and industry acceptance. Our experts ported over 2500 Docker images for cloud infrastructure, and all required ALPINE OS packages .

PureSoftware Result

Enabled existing OSS functionalities on client’s ARM processor-based laptops

PureSoftware upstreamed over 10,000 packages in different technologies for contributing to the open-source community and fostering collaborative development.

The client successfully offered various services on their platform, promoting architectural innovation.

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