Appreciation – The key to keep your employees motivated

November 8, 2021

Appreciation is the best way to show gratitude towards the employees and coworkers. It is one of the most powerful communication tools and helps build a healthy relationship between an employer and its employee. Most employees prefer working in an environment where their work is valued and appreciated.

Employee appreciation must not be reserved for any special occasion. Employers should make it a standard practice to thank their employees for their contribution, time, and ideas and show how valuable they are for an organization to promote a happy work environment. For companies willing to know their employees better and show that they care, here are ten simple ideas to show gratitude and appreciation.

teamKnow your people

Organizations should know about the interests of their employees. Knowing the team well will help improve communication and synchronization among members. Talk about things other than work like hobbies and interests. This is a great way to show your employees that you care for them and appreciate their presence.

welfareFocus on employees’ comfort

Promoting flexible working hours allows employees to work at their comfort, enhancing their productivity and efficiency. Organizations must upgrade their workspaces and make them as comfortable as possible for their employees to work freely and effectively.

thank youThank you

A simple two-letter word can do wonders at the workplace. This word is a part of social nicety and is often neglected at the workplace. A small gesture of saying thank you can make employees and coworkers feel good about themselves and show that their work is appreciated.

clappingSmall praises

In this competitive world, we often forget to acknowledge small gestures. Sometimes, praising not only for bagging a big project but also for doing simple tasks can boost the employees’ confidence and encourage them to work harder. Simple praises like “good job” or “great work done” are simple ways to appreciate hard work.

unitedA team that dines together stays together

Arranging small get-togethers and eating food with employees is one of the most effective ways to break the communication barriers and know them well. This can be a great opportunity to talk and discuss their problems in an informal environment.

giftPersonalized gift

Who does not like receiving gifts, and when it is a personalized gift from the employer, it boosts the morale and encourages employees and coworkers to work better. A small greeting card or even a shopping voucher can lighten the mood and make employees happier.

moneyCash incentives

Cash incentives in the form of yearly bonuses, quarterly bonuses, attendance bonuses, and more can be a great way to motivate employees and bring out the feeling of competitiveness among them.

confettiOrganizing fun days

Working sometimes can get stressful, and a small break is always appreciated. Companies can organize fun games in their offices and allow their employees to have fun and relax. Playing such games is a great team bonding exercise and increases employee interaction.


Everyone loves surprises. Surprising your employees with small tokens, cakes, coffee on the table, or even notes of appreciation can brighten their day and bring out a smile on their faces.

job opportunitiesCreate opportunities for advancements

Each person has a talent of their own, and when an organization recognizes that talent, employees feel good and accepted. Organize cross-training sessions, personality development sessions, and seminars where employees can actively participate and prepare themselves better for future opportunities.

Appreciating employees for their work encourages them to work more than what is expected out of them. It makes them happier and more engaged. If organizations do not want their employees to leave due to dissatisfaction, inculcating the habit of appreciation is a must. Organizations must never miss an opportunity to demonstrate gratitude and appreciation towards their employees and make the workplace happy and comfortable.

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