World’s leading Semiconductor Company trusts PureSoftware

August 7, 2023

Business Problem:

Our client is a leading semiconductor company known for its innovation and expertise in delivering secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications. They cater to various markets including automotive, industrial and IoT, as well as mobile and communication infrastructure. The client sought Board Support Package (BSP) software for their specialized chipset, intended to empower 5G Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and small cell applications. The project aimed to optimize the chipset’s performance and ensure seamless integration with 5G CPE and small cell use cases.

Business Analysis

The primary objective was to create an efficient Board Support Package to enable the 5G chipset to perform optimally in CPE and small cell devices. As 5G CPE and small cells operate in real-time, ensuring swift and accurate data processing was crucial to achieve low latency and high performance. The BSP would provide essential software components, drivers, and interfaces necessary for smooth operation, as well as facilitate communication between the chipset and the target applications. Compatibility with different hardware components and software stacks posed a challenge, requiring extensive testing and validation.

PureSoftware Solution:

PureSoftware team of experts conducted comprehensive research on the chipset architecture, gaining a profound understanding of its functionalities and capabilities. To ensure real-time data processing, the BSP was fine-tuned with optimized algorithms and drivers, minimizing processing delays. The BSP underwent rigorous pre-silicon testing, ensuring its robustness and functionality prior to hardware integration. The BSP was tailored to meet the unique requirements of the customer’s specialized chipset, designed to power advanced 5G Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and small cell applications.

PureSoftware Results:

The BSP facilitated smooth integration of the 5G chipset into CPE and small cell devices, ensuring enhanced performance and reliability.

The optimized BSP enabled real-time data processing, achieving low latency and superior performance in 5G applications. Through extensive research, customization, and rigorous testing, the BSP enabled seamless integration and real-time performance of the chipset in diverse 5G applications.

Enabled the customer to take up the product to the next phase of productization and product testing.

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