World’s leading Game Publishing Company achieved faster time-to-market and shorter testing cycle

October 11, 2021

Business Problem

The growing market competition forced the leading American gaming company to seek for the best digital and casino gaming testing services to deliver high-quality games that can run smoothly on multiple devices at faster speed.

Business Analysis

On being chosen for the project, PureSoftware conducted deep analysis of responsiveness, reliability, scalability, and interoperability of software under test. We found that the gaming experience was not to the best of standards and can result in poor customer experience due to multiple bugs and errors.

PureSoftware Solution

In order to deliver a robust error-free gaming experience to customers, our team created customized strategies based on the agile approach and deployed flexible teams with domain experts experienced in testing multiple game genres to ensure work continuity and deliver best results within stipulated timeline.

We used Apache JMeter to verify the application performance along with the API testing. Our experts provided end-to-end feedback in the course of testing process and ensured that the errors were discovered and fixed timely during the game development process. This eventually shortened the testing cycle for the company and simultaneously accelerated the time-to-market for gaming applications.


Our testing COE delivered following results for the clients:

Optimized application quality

Significant reduction in testing cycle time

Accelerated time-to-market

Significant utilization of fixed assets

Minimal production/client defects.

Maximized defect removal efficiency (DRE)

Reduced testing effort by more than 70% for many popular game publishers for 80% of their titles

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