Why AI and ML Remain the Mainstay of Cybersecurity

October 30, 2019

Safety and privacy concerns are the biggest priorities for organizations today. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become equipped with the strongest modules to confront cybersecurity crimes. AI, more appropriately described as the “Industrial Revolution of our time,” is progressively becoming an influential factor in the cybersecurity armory to secure, check and computerize incident response.

The Security Lifelines of a Business

  • These technologies start with improving an organizations’ ability to predict and overcome breaches to safeguarding the rapidly multiplying threats that surface with Zero Trust Security frameworks that turn passwords obsolete. AI and ML are the security lifelines for the perimeters of any business.
  • A new study by a French consulting firm states that now Businesses across the world are increasingly making full use of the potential of AI to protect themselves against cyberattacks. It was reported that 850 senior executives from the information security, cybersecurity, and IT operations industries across 10 countries and 7 business sectors including consumer products, retail banking, insurance, automotive, utilities, and telecom have implemented AI into their regime.
  • Organizations are using AI-enabled cybersecurity for
  1. Network Security (71%)
  2. Identity and Access Security (60%)
  3. Application Security (59%)
  4. Cloud Security (48%)
  5. IoT Security (44%)
  6. Data Security (55%) 

How Cybersecurity is Profiting from ML and AI algorithms

Cybersecurity is one of the major niches that profits the most from Machine Learning. With the rising prominence of AI and ML in the cybersecurity landscape, different ML methodologies are being custom-built to get to the very core of specific problems in cybersecurity.

Do you know what the best part is? Deploying these methodologies helps to establish a defense-in-depth attitude to security.

Thanks to AI, ML, and the far-reaching acceptance that these solutions have received. The fundamentals of cyber-defense and offense are undergoing a massive transformation.

The best examples of this are the exceptional insights and anomaly detection capabilities along with the unleashing of malicious network traffic. Industry giants are utilizing the adeptness and scope of the cloud to save its crucial facilities, services, installations, and consumer’s data from danger. An enormous amount of data gathered together by its voluminous and varied systems and services are handled through data mining, machine learning algorithms, and security domain learning.

Enterprises have started equipping themselves for the fast-evolving threat of cyber-attacks by addressing the underlying implementation challenges that are preventing AI and ML from reaching its full potential for cybersecurity. Reach out to PureSoftware to drive differentiated customer experience through our AI and ML solutions and secure your organization from cybercrime.

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