Web Portal Enhancement and Integrated multiple core products for a leading European investment Bank

June 29, 2022

Client Overview

The client is a leading European trading products company with 810,000 clients in 180 countries with an average daily trading volume of $20 billion.

The Problem

Our client had an existing web portal which displayed various products like equity, mutual funds, commodities, bonds, stocks, and other investment products. This web portal lacked various components, delaying the roll out of information about new products. The company engaged with PureSoftware to develop and integrate the desired new components to their web portal and carry out backend integration for smooth operations.

The Solution

To fulfil the shortcomings, PureSoftware deployed a team to develop their own core Java framework for the front-end development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Webpack. The team then developed multiple components for the web portal like cards, navigation, accordion pages, slider banners, product lists, and more. We also eliminated disruptions by conducting thorough testing of the code using Jest and Cypress. Thanks to the team’s continuous engagement and feedback with the client, requirements were met through constant development and backend integration using Sitecore by the team.


The client was very pleased with the implementation cycle and the technical expertise of PureSoftware during the entire project.

  • Intuitive UI with enhanced customer experience
  • Faster roll-out of new products’ information on the portal
  • Smooth functioning of the Web Portal
  • Faster new customer onboarding (Individual & Firms)

Technology Stack

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Webpack
  • Sitecore
  • Jest
  • aCypress
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