Ways 5G is shaping the industries of the future

August 2, 2021

Globally customer and business expectations for the faster connections and enormous bandwidth are evolving. Businesses must adapt by pursuing 5G that will help them reduce latency and lower energy consumption and at the same time deliver on faster connectivity. This fifth generation of wireless technology will make the world a lot more connected, and experts have already made many predictions on the future of 5G. According to Statista, more than 83% of the business executives responded that 5G would create a new world of opportunities for myriad industries.

But how? Let us have a look


game controller5G in the Gaming World

Gaming is all about offering an immersive experience to players in real-time, and 5G being the only wireless technology to support the needs of augmented reality so far, will prove to be a game-changer for this industry. With its zero-lag time and faster speed, gamers will experience real-time gaming without worrying about technical glitches and latency, resulting in an immersive gaming experience.

Also, leveraging augmented reality, the gaming companies can now focus more on designing and developing online and esport games in a way that looks more realistic. For example, in games like Pokémon GO, gamers can interact and catch a Pokémon in real-time in the virtual world rather than catching them from faraway places in the real world.

workspace5G in Workspaces

By leveraging the capabilities of 5G, companies will be able to serve customers better by improving the interactivity. This advanced fifth-gen wireless technology will provide a highly secure IoT network for companies to optimize their operations and increase efficiency. With 5G, companies can work remotely without worrying about technical errors. For example, using virtual reality and augmented reality, companies can provide interactive training and help employees carry out their tasks effectively.

Network slicing is another key benefit of 5G technology. Leveraging 5g, companies can easily separate networks for personal devices and workstations without investing in different carriers. Based on the bandwidth and goals, companies can easily route the traffic in the required direction without hampering productivity if any individual is downloading a large amount of data.

transportation5G in the Transport Industry

Whether it is for public buses or private logistic fleets, 5G will increase visibility and help you easily control the current transportation systems. When equipped with 5G, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication will improve. By embedding sensors in roads, connected vehicles can transmit real-time data for better maintenance and greater operational efficiency.

Public infrastructure networks can be easily integrated within network slices by implementing technologies like the 5G core network for better tracking and enhanced security. Fleet monitoring and easy navigation are aspects that can be improved with 5G.

healthcare 15G in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has shown remarkable growth in terms of innovation in the last couple of years. Whether using advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence or performing a Robotic Surgery, this sector has always adapted the latest technology for improvement. The famous da Vinci Surgical System, a robot, has been performing surgeries for quite some time now.

5G New Radio interface, an emerging technology in healthcare, with its low latency rate and ultra-reliable communications, will enable remote monitoring and instant communication between patients and doctors through HD images and instant access to medical records. Surgeons can now perform surgeries remotely, with advanced surgical robotics, without having to worry about communication delays or any technical glitches. 5G, in many ways, will change how we perceive things today. Industries like supply chain and logistics, manufacturing, automotive, and healthcare will see some remarkable growth and advancements with this fifth-gen network.

Many businesses are already prepared to implement this technology and remodel their business strategies. Arttha5G, an industry-leading PureSoftware product, will help you achieve your goals by fulfilling all the 5G requirements. Want to know how? Connect with our team soon.

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