The Story of a Project Manager at PureSoftware

July 16, 2021

July 16, 2021

When I started employment with PureSoftware as a project manager more than 5 years ago, I remember my father asking me what exactly did i do that was so special to get an IT job in this economy. A good friend sitting next to me told my father that I was actually helping Tamil Nadu (India) get connected on the Internet, and he should be proud. After hearing this, a huge smile appeared on his face! But when I gave him my best answer what exactly I did in the company other than managing projects, it turned out into something like this:

Me: “I help our customers build their websites.”

Dad: “What does the company do?”

Me: “We are helping people build software”

Dad: “But if you don’t sell them, how did they pay you? Is it something like a service?”

Me: “No, we are selling the software to them.”

This is the easiest way for people to understand what I do in a company. But if you think about it, Web development and services are just two projects that come under an umbrella called Software Development. And being a PM of IT Projects becomes much easier once you realize that these kinds of projects will be a part of your PM responsibilities. If you manage to think like that, it helps a lot in big picture management and also gives you the opportunity to learn or even better yourself as a PM!

I have been PM of more than 4-5 projects at PureSoftware and I am sure there will be a lot more in the future. Every project had its own challenges, reach-ability goals, failures, and success stories. But what has stayed consistent is that if you put your heart into each one of these projects (as PM) you will become better as a Project Manager in the long run. So I thought of sharing some of my learnings with you. This will hopefully help you as a PM to look at challenges differently.

Three important things that stick out:

  1. People are more important than projects. This is primarily because people are the ones who make up your team and bring a smile to your face every day.
  2. Project management is mostly about managing people. If you really want to call yourself PM, then just remember that most of your work is done in motivating, appreciating, and coordinating with people towards achieving goals.
  3. It’s not about the technology. It’s also not about software development or services. Think of it as a product and use the right tools that can help you achieve your goals.

I would like to elaborate more on each point, but this is all I have time for now 🙂


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