The benefits of having an accessible website

February 10, 2022

eye scanThe look of an accessible website

An Accessible website is one which has structured layout that allows screen readers to skim around the page to find information easily. The website uses headings comprehensively for breaking the text and avoid having huge paragraphs (which can often be difficult to comprehend for people who suffer from dyslexia). Phrases like “click here” or “text here” are avoided as they make it harder for screen readers to navigate through the web page and descriptive links that include phrases like “here’s more information about this topic” are preferred. Certain colors that are not accessible to people with visual disabilities (such as links being brown) are avoided. Inclusion of alt text on every image is done to allow visually impaired people to understand what the image is about. An accessible website provides transcripts and time codes for videos that may contain audio only (such as lectures, talks, events, etc.) to make the web content accessible to everyone.

seoAccessible websites and the SEO score

Accessible websites are easier to read and navigate. They have a better chance of earning a higher rank in search engine results. Accessibility services, such as closed captions for videos, give the viewers more choice on how they want to consume information. They help with SEO by increasing user engagement (and improving brand reputation). Providing content in multiple formats will make it easier for search engines to index. According to SEO experts, webmasters should make their websites more accessible by making them mobile-friendly (responsive). WordPress offers free plugins that help build WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) compliant sites. A WCAG compliant website or websites that are accessible to everyone always have a better SEO score because Google perceives these websites as more understandable, structured, standardised, and interactive compared to others.


The websites that are accessible to everyone end up getting recognized by Google and rewarded with a better SEO score. Accessible websites generate better user engagement, content consumption, brand reputation, and higher rank on search engine result page.

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PureSoftware Accessibility Assessment Services

PureSoftware Accessibility assessment services provide a practical and affordable solution for developers to ensure their digital products are accessible to as many users as possible.

PureSoftware’s Accessibility Assessment service offers access to vital information about how people with disabilities use the web, and why they often use a browser (or similar assistive technology) when there is no need.

Accessibility testing allows companies to engage with an audience of over 15% of their potential customers who are looking for websites and digital tools that they can use independently. It also enables companies to use their websites and digital tools in a way that meets the needs of all their users.

At PureSoftware, we provide

searchMobile audit

Ensure that your mobile applications for websites comply with the accessibility standards.

f scoreAccessibility audit

Website, application, document or mobile accessibility evaluation and QA for Section 508 compliance and WCAG 2.0 compliance.

analysis 2Risk review and gap analysis

Risk review and gap analysis – A high-level assessment to understand the current state of your product’s accessibility.

auditLegal compliance audit

Understand the ADA and Section 508 legal requirements to reduce risk and ensure compliance.

online testAssistive technology compatibility testing

Ensure that your product works with the tools and programs that people with disabilities use.

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