Noy Kucuk

Noy Kucuk is the Senior Vice President accelerating the company’s Hitech & Telecom Products and Services business. He brings forth more than two decades of Telecom Industry experience. In his prior role, Noy has served as Vice President of Product Marketing for 5G Solutions at NXP Semiconductors, where he focused on developing fully programmable silicon and software solutions for the 5G infrastructure market. He is a leader and brings a wealth of experience to 5G and wireless markets with a diverse knowledge of software and hardware building blocks enabling the growth of PureSoftware 5G product – Arttha5G and services offerings. Noy has also held leadership and R&D roles at Avago/LSI, Ericsson, Nortel Networks in North America, Latin America, and Europe for over 20 years. He has in-depth knowledge of wireless standards, software and hardware product development challenges, time to market, and a customer-first-focused collaborative approach.

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