Anil Baid

As the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of PureSoftware and former CEO at Solutions Infosystems, Anil brings a wealth of hands-on experience to the table. His modest leadership, strategical approach, and humble persona make him the most approachable for clients around the world. He has earned the goodwill of clients across domains, like telecom, pharmaceuticals, process automation, casino gaming, and ISPs. The characteristic parameters that Anil continually reinforces, in everything PureSoftware undertakes, are Quality, Timely delivery, and Flexibility in approach. He believes in providing the expertise of a large firm without the red tape, baggage and without convoluted excuses or deployment delays. Attention to detail in every aspect of PS’s deliverables, and managing all affairs in a responsive, transparent, and ethical way. His goal is to create mutual value by building and strengthening strategic client relationships, whether it requires us to stretch, think out of the box or be flexible, he makes it happen.

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