RPA in Insurance

Top Benefits of RPA in Insurance

RPA can do wonders when implemented in the insurance industry. Some of the key benefits of implementing RPA in insurance are:

Effortless Claim Processing

RPA streamlines automated claim processing time-draining tasks for better work efficiency, improved accuracy, and exceptional customer experience. Automation enables better handling of clients’ claims and helps companies strengthen their reputation. PureSoftware’s RPA insurance solutions allow users to focus more on high-priority and more valuable tasks.

Simplified Business On-boarding

When companies grow faster than they can manage, RPA comes to the fore and assists growth with minimal growing pains. Virtual robots can reduce manual inter-department data transfer from new clients being on-boarded by 50% within a week. PureSoftware RPA insurance services enable error-free and faster data movement in the life insurance companies.

Legacy-systems Compatibility

Many insurance firms depend on outdated legacy systems for business functionality. Robots can be configured to use outdated systems that might be replaced soon with new ones. Robots are reconfigured easily and quickly and eliminate the fear of new systems being implemented. PureSoftware’s RPA insurance solutions make companies future-proof in terms of configuration of legacy systems.


Insurance companies perform underwriting for evaluating risks associated with each prospective client and deciding the chargeable price for insuring the risk. Software robots automate the entire data gathering process and allow entry of relevant data to internal sites or report generation. PureSoftware’s RPA experts help companies streamline the underwriting process and makes it less time consuming and more accurate.

What We Do

We Strategize

We help insurance companies develop a strategy and a subsequent roadmap, including tool selection, ROI models, and productivity metrics.

We Implement

We deploy a suitable RPA solution, establish governance and address various security and IT concerns. We train employees to manage post implementation tasks.

We Continually Manage Services

We monitor, tune and optimize the RPA execution continuously and manage RPA infrastructure as well.

How PureSoftware RPA Delivers Value to the Insurance Industry?

Insurance firms need to access multiple systems to get work done. RPA scripts can read diverse systems to automate highly labor-intensive tasks. Insurance companies can increase workforce efficiency by leveraging PureSoftware RPA insurance services that promise AI functionality that learn and support smart decision making. These services abet insurance companies optimize claims processing, improve regulatory compliance, and enjoy non-invasive deployment. RPA solutions can be deployed effortlessly.

PureSoftware enables companies to:

  • Reduce time to process claims and makes it a matter of minutes.
  • Enhance process accuracy by eliminating manual errors.
  • Improve enterprise risk management via standard governance setup and tracking.
  • Comply with the requirements of a process with 100% accuracy

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