PureSoftware Testing CoE optimized the performance of an e-commerce site and mobile application for a leading retailer

September 21, 2021

Business Problem

Our client, one of the largest distributors of truck and trailer parts in the US, was facing some performance issues with their e-commerce application. Customers were finding it difficult to find products and place orders through their mobile application. Our client wanted to offer a smooth and delightful user experience through the app.

Business Analysis

Our Testing CoE connected with their team to know their requirements in detail. Our performance testing experts closely monitored every aspect of the application, including cart, inventory, payment, and products page, to find the loopholes and worked on the solution to make the application seamless and easy to use.

PureSoftware Solution

Our Testing CoE carried out in-depth performance testing using the WebLOAD tool. They checked for issues in pricing calls to the iSeries system, page loading, cart loading, order review page, payment screen, bulk loading in cart (up to 250 products in 1 go), and order processing. With our team’s extensive experience and deep knowledge of the end-to-end process and procedures of the e-commerce application, we were able to detect and resolve the loopholes. We also tested the integration of the enVista order management system (OMS) with the e-commerce site’s Salesforce DB to get shipping cost & address​ along with inventory management system integration​ to ensure smooth application usage.


Our Testing CoE helped the client:

Deliver an improved and delightful user experience

Experience higher customer satisfaction

Achieve 60% faster results​

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