PureSoftware helps the leading Business and Finance news portal to engineer a massive functional transformation to their mobile and web app

June 21, 2022

Client overview

The client is one of the global leaders in business and finance related news. They are a highly respected and well-recognized authority in their field, with a large and loyal following, and over 10 years of experience in the industry. They have been able to keep their authority and dominance in business and finance news over time, and they have continuously been the most popular choice.

The problem

Due to an unprecedented massive technology revolution in the past decade, the number of mobile devices and web browsers both in terms of quantity and variety have increased multiple times. The client’s web and mobile app needed complete re-engineering to ensure consistent and stable functionality across multiple devices, browsers, and OS (Android, IOS, and windows) was maintained. PureSoftware, being one of the most reliable and experienced entities in the testing domain, was chosen as a partner for the project.

Our solution

PureSoftware began with implementing a shift-left testing approach to ensure real-time and early detection of errors that ensured shorter release cycles, bug-free development, smoother operations, DevOps collaboration, and reduced costs. Effective regression suites were implemented, and continuous sanity testing was done so that the functionality was maintained despite incorporating technical changes in the architecture of the web and mobile app. We also performed Risk-based testing to test the functions and features of the web and mobile app against the risk of failure to maintain their functional stability. To reduce any human error and achieve elevated levels of accuracy, the PureSoftware team ensured end-to-end business scenario automation.


70% reduction in sanity testing time through continuous integration (CI) approach

70% execution time reduced via automated test cases

80% DRE powered by risk-based testing

95% web and mobile app stability improvement

90% improvement in app loading time

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