OASIS (CMS) Development for a Casino Service Provider

November 24, 2017


  • Migration of Legacy CMS from Visual Basic to C# .NET

Modules to migrated

  • Player Tracking System
  • Communication Gateway
  • Administration Module
  • Slot/Pit  Management System
  • Loyalty, Promotions and Bonus Point Management
  • One Card


  • SCRUM with Focus on Domain Expertise – Every team member was trained on the business of Casino Management.
  • Each team member had expertise on Visual Basic as well as C# .NET
  • System re-architected for Maintainability and Configurability
  • Worked on porting functionality and experience, rather than code porting


  • Complete CMS ported within 6 months with a team of 30 engineers
  • Zero Major Defect in Production Roll out
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