PureSoftware Partners with Liveplex to Approach Global Payments Market

April 3, 2023

Palo Alto, CA, UNITED STATES – PureSoftware, a global software products and digital services company, and Liveplex Incorporated, a web 3.0 technology provider have announced a strategic partnership. With this partnership, PureSoftware will be able to offer its customers transparency, traceability, data security, digital asset protection, and interoperability.

This integration will help PureSoftware enable brands to transform to web 3.0 at a lower cost with extensive security, data integrity and value for money. By integrating Web 3.0 functionality into its Arttha wallet, PureSoftware will make it easy for customers to establish a web 3.0 presence. The company will help its customers establish a strong relationship with brands by offering them blockchain-based safety, security, and interoperability infused into the platform.

Manish Sharma, CEO of PureSoftware says, “We are excited to partner with Liveplex and offer blockchain-powered excellence to our growing global customers. The alliance is the next big step which will help us empower decentralized finance (DeFi) and secure our customers from fraud attacks and enable transparency and deliver exceptional digital experiences.”

Vimal Kumar, the President of Liveplex, says, “At Liveplex, we are committed to providing the decentralized financial infrastructure needed to power the digital world of tomorrow. Our partnership with PureSoftware is our path to deliver a frictionless web 3.0 experience to the vibrant DeFi community.”


About Liveplex

Liveplex technology helps customers transform their business to Web 3.0 by integration of its APIs. Using easily integrated, modular features, customers can convert existing presence to meet the needs for safety, privacy, security, and governance that customers expect. With Liveplex Web3.0, customers become the master of their own data and bring their customer community closer to their presence without any intermediaries. The technology helps the customer’s brand integrate to any blockchain chosen, any storage, and any data reporting tool the company aligns with.

For more information, please visit https://liveplex.io/.


About PureSoftware

PureSoftware is a global software products and digital services company that is driving transformation for the world’s top organizations across multiple verticals such as banking and financial services, telecom, healthcare, gaming, and entertainment. The company works in highly regulated industries that need high-quality outcomes and faster adoption of technology.

For more information, visit https://puresoftware.com/.

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