Migrated E-Commerce Applications from iSeries to Salesforce for the largest distributor of heavy-duty trucks and trailer parts in America.

August 9, 2022

Client Overview

Our client is America’s largest independent distributor of 26,000 heavy-duty truck and trailer replacement parts from top brands with over 300 plus locations across 46 states. It also provides services and solutions support such as drive in services, inspections, repair, driveline and flywheel, fluid power/hydraulics systems.

The Problem

The client wanted to migrate their E-Commerce applications to Salesforce and there was a need for a scalable and flexible solution to integrate expanding number of applications in a hybrid environment. Security issue was a concern while connecting FTP servers and a more compliant and secure way was required to share data. Other challenges included multiple transformation and conversion rules which led to complexity, and there was no clear documentation or understanding of source and destination systems. There was also a data format mismatch between different sources and destinations systems.

Our Solution

PureSoftware deployed a team of experts who brainstormed with the client on the most feasible solutions to reduce the complexities involved during the transformation. To track the project’s progress, the group used a concurrent learning and implementation approach with daily reviews with the client to ensure that requirements are met. Our first step, Dell’s Boomi Atmosphere was deployed as a single platform to support 24×7 multiple integrations. The out of the box connectors support for salesforce like DB2 etc by Dell Boomi enabled the development of integrations much faster. Next, the team Implemented electronic data interchange (EDI) integrations in Boomi to help facilitate data exchange between Client and their trading partners, cutting their EDI costs to half. A unified platform was also extended to seamlessly integrate their in-house and third-party applications. The overall implementation also resulted in creating a simplified and reusable data-sharing process.

The Result

Faster time to value.

Reduced total cost of ownership.

Implementation and configuration of all the interfaces were completed with precision.

Worked on seamless integrations with third-party vendors’ software like WMS, KarMAk, OMS

Enabled diverse business units to leverage centralized product & customer data to make informed business decisions.

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