How PureSoftware Revamped and Build New Products for a Malaysian Financial Services Solution Giant

June 28, 2022

Business Problem

The country’s major financial services firm had products reaching the End-of-Life phase. Client growth was limited by a lack of qualified personnel in the necessary technology to assist them expand their product line written in the same language, as well as complexity of the product and high maintenance costs. Hence, they reached out to PureSoftware and help them transition to new Products.

PureSoftware Solution

PureSoftware deployed a team of Business analysts, Subject Matter Experts, developers, and testers equipped with the technology and catering to the client’s issue in revamping and building new financial products, replacing the older versions, and enhancing the core functions. PureSoftware, with a vision to provide enhanced customer experience, took the initiative to develop the new UI for its Web application. Domain expertise of our subject matter experts was significant in handling the complexity in business logic; this resulted in faster development and testing of features.


  • The client reported experiencing a seamless transition.
  • We achieved a 100% successful rate in revamping and building new products in place of the products reaching the EOL stage.
  • The new products were defect free, as thorough testing was carried out by our team at the time of implementation
  • With the use of new and faster tools and languages reduced the reliance on legacy programming languages
  • Faster deployment of products as we delivered customer modules within short timelines

Technology Stack

  • 4Js Genero BDL (Primary)
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, Jasper Reports
  • Python, Linux Scripting, Windows Scripting
  • IBM Informix, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server (Databases)
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