How IoT Impacted Application Development

October 29, 2018

With invent of IoT, people spend most of their time on mobile phones, particularly on browsing different apps. Over the last couple of years, the use of mobile applications has become quite popular and this accelerates the development of more apps. You can easily find an app for every website, program or even games.

Now, let’s first understand what exactly the IoT (Internet of Things) is all about! Simply put, it is a way to connect smart devices or digital gadgets to the internet in a seamless manner. The platform brings diverse valuable information together across various channels in a format that is understood by all the devices and applications for communication.

IoT application development might be a topic of debate as to if it is beneficial and contribute towards advancement in technology.

Areas of IoT & Mobile App Integration: Few Examples

There is a strong link between Internet of Things and mobile application development. The technology is widely embraced by developers since its existence. The app developers are working towards implementing IoT into apps so that the innovations can stay ahead in the competition.

  • WiFi enabled thermostat device is an ideal example of IoT and mobile app integration where the mobile app is the remote or the gateway that controls the thermostat which is the IoT endpoint. App development has become even easier and takes less time to develop a fully functional product.
  • Mobile applications are successfully working as sensors and the digital operations are done like never before. Now, you can switch on or turn off your AC (air conditioner) right away from any remote location via a mobile app. With the latest innovations, IoT and mobile application integration are proved to be a boon in the digital arena.

The question arises if the IoT integration will impact mobile development positively in future? Several factors justify that IoT has a proven impact on mobile app development in certain ways.

Reduced Human Efforts

IoT provides an array of features that make it easier for app developers as well as users to keep pace with technology. Devices have become more interactive and with the use of the internet, majority of tasks can be done with less human intervention in an automated manner.

Need to Integrate Advanced Security

The amalgamation of internet and digitally connected devices gathers and uses consumer data in a way or other. The chances are that the data being collected through various channels includes sensitive information about users. Due to this, the app developers must emphasize on making more secured apps.

Mobile Apps have to be More Specialized

Absolutely! The rate at which the technology is growing brings upon the need for specialization. The businesses across the continents must invest carefully and wisely in IoT app development specialists for developing dedicated apps that are securely accessible by users globally.

While developing mobile applications, the developers must ensure that apps are capable of supporting current as well as future technology when it comes to connectivity and successfully serves its purpose.

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