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Over the years, automation has evolved to enable organizations to achieve superior efficiency, better scalability, reduced TCO, and deliver better customer experience through quality and consistent business processes. As business processes get complex, mere automation is not an end. Automation combined with new-age technologies including Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Natural language processing, and a lot more is a must to have for the enterprises of the future.

Commissioned by PureSoftware, this TFI study featuring insights of 485 senior and mid-level IT & business leaders in multiple industry verticals including Banking, Financial services, Insurance, Retail, Logistics, Transportation, and Manufacturing, across the globe reveals insights on:

  • Global hyperautomation and RPA proliferation and trends
  • The important areas of investment by Chief Executives in Intelligent Automation
  • The role of hyperautomation in the cloud-first strategy
  • Human-Bot collaboration — Shaping the utopian business future
  • The ROI from hyperautomation and citizen developer initiative in the enterprise
  • How to build a digital dream team to usher in the age of hyperautomation
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