Financial Management Solution for Malaysian giant

November 24, 2017


Client portfolio involves Financial Services products written in ‘4JS Genero’ language, which helps in faster deployment and testing. As the current products have reached their end of life stage, the client was seeking expansion in their product range written in same language. Also unavailability of resources skilled in this technology,  complexity of the product and high cost of maintenance which were limiting their growth and hence they were looking for a technology partner who can address their needs.


  • PureSoftware catered the client’s issue by developing new financial products; Century Financials Government and Century Financials Local Council
  • Deployed a team of Business Analysts, SMEs, Developers and Testers who were well versed with 4JS along with other programming languages and tools. The team also proactively took initiative to develop the new UI for the web application.
  • Contributed towards the enhancement of core functions
  • In addition to 4JS the team proposed and used the following standard industry technology :
    • FourJs Genero BDL(Primary)
    • HTML, Javascript, CSS, Jquery, Jasper Reports
    • Python, Linux Scripting, Windows Scripting IBM Informix, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL


  • Achieved 100% success rate in revamping and building new products in place of older versions
  • Team of experienced professionals successfully contributed in defect free enhancements
  • The domain expertise of the SME was instrumental in successfully handling the complexity in business logic thereby resulting in  faster development and testing of features
  • With the use of new and faster tools and languages reduced the reliance on legacy programming languages
  • Bandwidth of the client has been made available as our team took care of the client’s tasks
  • Faster deployment of products as we delivered customer modules within short timelines
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