Drive Cloud Transformation with Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)

September 22, 2021

In recent times, cloud transformations have been structured and delivered by the Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE), which leverages the cloud strategy and governance function to ensure that the cross-functional organizational staff can adopt of the cloud guiding principles through the comprehensive framework. A key area where the CCoE needs more power to hold the Cloud baton is countering the ever-changing market dynamics, which emerging Cloud organizations cannot decipher.

Businesses are increasingly under pressure to be more agile, proactive, and personalized in the experiences they deliver. For many businesses, huge legacy infrastructures stand in the way of delivering scalable, flexible, and valuable business solutions. As a result, organizations now view cloud adoption as a strategic imperative to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. They are moving to cloud centers of excellence (CCoEs) to ensure the adoption of best cloud practices.

What is CCoE (Cloud Center of Excellence)

A CCoE is the best-practice approach to drive cloud-enabled transformation and ensure cloud adoption success; organizations must have the right skills and structure in place.

Like all centers of excellence, CCoE brings together a diverse, knowledgeable group of experts from across the organization to develop best practices for the rest of the organization to follow.

The optimal way to achieve this is by setting up a centralized cloud center of excellence (CCoE). A CCoE is a centralized governance function for the organization and is consultative for central IT, business-unit IT and cloud service consumers.

The CCoE responsibilities include setting cloud policy, guiding provider selection, and assisting with solution architecture and workload placement to improve outcomes and manage risks. The CCoE doesn’t have day-to-day operational responsibilities, nor is it a project management organization. This function should not be outsourced. The CCoE should oversee the organization’s cloud practices.

PureSoftware CCoE collaborates between the following:-

  • Cloud adoption
  • Cloud strategy
  • Cloud platform
  • Cloud optimization
  • Cloud governance

It provides a set of repeatable standards, governance frameworks and best practices for the rest of the business to follow during the cloud transformation.

  • Accelerate cloud adoption across the business
  • Encourage innovation and automation using cloud-native tools
  • Optimize costs using cloud advisory services and FinOps model
  • Minimize the risks involved (based on Continuous Compliance and Compliance as Code practices)
  • Build cloud practices based on hyperscalers and multi-cloud model
  • Follow agile approaches to capture and implement business requirements.
  • Leverage reusable deployment packages that align with compliance, security, and service management policies.
  • Ensure a functional cloud platform is well aligned with the operational procedures.
  • Standardize and automate commonly needed platform components and solutions over time.

Many IT organizations share the core objectives of growing business and achieving technical agility. PureSoftware CCoE helps organizations balance stability and speed while they pursue these objectives.

Our team drives cloud-enabled IT transformation and accelerates cloud adoption in the enterprise. The CCoE oversees the organization’s managed cloud practices and actively solicit contributions from across the business.

Six Pillars of PureSoftware CCoE framework are:-

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  1. Team skillset expertise training and certifications
    We have a pool of highly trained, certified, and experienced cloud experts to manage simple to complex cloud transformation projects.
  2. Architectural design standards best practices
    In addition to standard cloud services, we also offer value-adding advisory services, including architecture review & guidance, assessment & recommendation, resources utilization and optimization, subscriptions management, and platform audit among other best practices.
  3. POC development integration demo
    We provide a proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate to the client that the desired integration is possible and can be successfully done in the real world. We bring multiple cloud environments together so that they can operate as a single, cohesive IT infrastructure for an enterprise.
  4. Monitoring, controlling optimization
    By crafting a detailed strategy, our CCoE helps organizations optimize their cloud ecosystems’ security, cost, and performance.
  5. Innovation, automation improvement
    Successful modernization can result in enhanced customer experience, better revenues, higher productivity, and reduced cost. Our legacy modernization services are designed to achieve these goals and transform a business into a digital enterprise.
  6. Regulation Quality Governance
    Governance makes everything possible when it comes to multi-cloud environments. Our CCoE helps businesses establish an overarching cloud strategy and provide governance to guide when, where and how workloads are migrated, run, and secured.

PureSoftware Cloud CoE helps you to accelerates your cloud adoption journey with a seamless, low-risk, security-centric, and cost-optimized approach to addressing your cloud business challenges. Companies seeking to accelerate their business’ digital transformation by moving to the cloud can write to us at to learn more about our cloud offerings or visit

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