Digitized Operations for a Global Insurtech Firm and achieved process tracking by 100%

June 28, 2022

Client Overview

The client is an international Insurtech with a mission to build the world’s leading protection and technology-enabled insurance ecosystem. Our client serves customers in 26 markets across North America, Asia, and Europe.

The Problem

Our client had been communicating with logistics providers and device repair centers manually. This manual engagement was very time consuming, resource-intensive, susceptible to errors, lacked control, cost ineffective and vulnerable to frauds and leakages which often resulted in difficulties tracking the entire process.

Our Solution

The company collaborated with PureSoftware to standardize the process and develop a single, central, and transparent platform that integrated data from CRM, FOMCORE, logistic providers and device repair centers. The team also ensured that the workflow between insurance companies, logistic providers and repair centers was seamless and efficient with device tracking and real time updates. A consumer claim portal was also created for enhanced transparency throughout the claims process.


  • Standardized the process for repair centres, logistics providers and mobile insurance companies.
  • Process tracking improved at each step by 100%.
  • Real time communication with CRM, Logistics portal and Repairing Centre system through API integration was achieved.

Technology Stack

  • Java v1.8
  • Spring boot Framework v 2.0.2
  • JWT
  • SFL4J
  • Junit
  • Angular 4 with material Design, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
  • PostGreSQL
  • Maven
  • Embedded TOM CAT
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