Digital Roulette Development for a Gaming Player

November 24, 2017


  • Development of  distributed  electronic table system powered by wide range of technologies i.e. C/C++/OpenGL/Qt/QML /CentOS-Linux, C#/VB .NET Windows Server, SQL Server
  • Enhance existing test suite


  • Developed competency in embedded programming, windows programming and casino table games domain
  • Focused on leveraging Test Engineering and Domain knowledge to create the New Test Case Regression Suite, ensured maximum breadth &  depth wise testing
  • The Test case suite also tracks the Test Results and traceability
  • Test cases were designed using techniques like Boundary Value Analysis and Equivalence Partitioning.
  • Around 400 (75%) new test cases were written to significantly enhance test coverage.


  • Successfully developed complete system including Dealer terminal App, Player terminal game and  Table games Server on Windows
  • 100% Test Coverage is achieved with the New Test Case Suite
  • No bug found in the product during demo at G2E Vegas
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