Development of an innovative Insurance portal for a global general Insurance major

August 28, 2023

Business problem

Our client is a renowned global leader in the general insurance industry, serving millions of customers worldwide with a wide range of insurance products and services. Committed to innovation, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence, they aimed to enhance their digital presence by creating an advanced insurance portal. This portal was required to include functionalities for pre-screening customers, vessels, and vehicles, in addition to providing beneficial owner information, among many others. These capabilities would enable the client to streamline customer interactions, improve efficiency, and bolster their competitive position.

Business analysis

PureSoftware analyzed the client’s requirements and identified potential opportunities to create an advanced portal that would enable the client to improve customer experience, increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and drive innovation. We conducted a thorough review of their existing systems and technology landscape to develop a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s needs. We also identified key challenges such as ensuring data security and privacy compliance for transactions associated with the insurance portal.

PureSoftware solution

To meet our client’s needs, we created a highly secure insurance portal with advanced pre-screening capabilities for customers, vessels, and vehicles that supported internal applications to connect easily with it through screening APIs. This technology could enable the client to offer customers a quicker and more effective way to compare insurance options, receive quotes, customize policies, and make online purchases. Concurrently, it can improve the client’s efficiency in underwriting by utilizing pre-screening data and analytics, which could automate parts of the underwriting process. This automation not only saves time but also maintains accuracy in assessing risks.

Moreover, the pre-screening functionality can aid the client in detecting suspicious and inconsistent information provided by applicants, thus contributing to preventing fraud besides, tailoring their offerings to specific customer groups through a data-driven approach that could assist in identifying accurate risk profiles and understanding customer preferences, behaviors, and needs.

We also implemented a Beneficial Owner (BO) Information portal for the client that could allow internal applications to seamlessly connect with the portal through a centralized BO submission API. This portal was equipped with potential to improve risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, and enhance due diligence on policyholders ensuring they are not involved in fraudulent and/or criminal activities. Our team also enhanced functionalities for multiple categories on the portal including but not limited to products, offers and campaigns, claims, services, and support section.

PureSoftware results

A user friendly, innovative, modern, responsive, fast, and feature-packed online insurance portal

Centralized solution for pre-screening of customers, vessels, and vehicles, as well as omni-potent beneficial owner information system

Significant improvement in online claim redressal process

Continuous upgradation and enhancement of the online insurance portal

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