Developed OASIS Casino Management System for a Leading Casino Service Provider

September 23, 2023

Business Requirement

Our client, a leading casino service provider, faced operational challenges due to their existing legacy casino management system built on Visual Basic. They wanted to enhance efficiency and modernize their operations.

Business Analysis

Our team of 30 engineers from PureSoftware’s gaming and entertainment vertical engaged with the client to thoroughly assess their needs. After a comprehensive analysis, the team found that the client required the migration of their legacy Casino Management System (CMS) from Visual Basic to C# .NET. This migration encompassed several critical modules, including the player tracking system, communication gateway, administration module, slot/pit management system, loyalty and promotions, bonus point management, and the one-card system.

PureSoftware Solution

We assembled a team of seasoned casino management professionals well-versed in SCRUM methodologies and possessing deep domain expertise. Leveraging their extensive experience in both Visual Basic and C# .NET, they embarked on a holistic re-architecture of the casino management system. Their focus extended beyond mere code migration, emphasizing improved system maintainability, and streamlined configurability.


The successful undertaking not only modernized our client operations
but also positioned them for enhanced performance and adaptability in the dynamic casino industry.

Complete CMS migration done in six months

High-quality execution of the migration process

Zero major defects reported during the production

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