Developed Loyalty Management Products for a Global Gaming Major

August 4, 2023

Business Requirement

Our client, a global gaming major, required the development and maintenance of loyalty management products. The company wanted to study the existing products in the loyalty domain and explore their integration with third-party systems and other Casino Management companies.

Business Analysis

Our team analyzed the client’s business requirements. We thoroughly studied the loyalty domain and the client’s existing products, which helped us identify areas for improvement and deliver a solution that caters to the client’s needs.

PureSoftware Solution

We refactored the code to increase the code scalability and boost the daily number of transactions. Our team ran an existing code clean-up, and applied industry-trusted design patterns, ensuring a robust and maintainable code. We also proposed an AOP (Aspect-Oriented Programming) approach to easily trace and resolve issues during the go-live phase.

We developed and delivered a new loyalty management product seamlessly integrated with third-party Point of Sales (POS) systems such as Oracle Opera, Agilysys InfoGenesis, and Micros.


We delivered the following results to the client:

Successfully developed and delivered high-quality code
Achieved over 85% code coverage through automation testing in the new products
Our code refactoring enabled developers to build upon the existing products easily
Successfully migrated and deployed their existing application in MGM Casino
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