Cloud Technology- A game-changer for the Hospitality & Gaming Industry

September 6, 2021

The risk of losing data is one of the major concerns faced by companies. But with the advent of technology, storing, managing, and sharing data is no more a problem. Cloud computing is one of the most sought-after technologies that organizations use to effectively manage and share their data securely without worrying about being lost or stolen. From the businesses working in the hospitality sector to the ones in the casinos and gaming industry, cloud computing has transformed the customer experience at all levels. Cloud-based hotel analytics can create an effortless experience for customers from sudden arrival to a speedy departure and deliver more significant insights to hotels.

According to reports, the global smart hospitality market is estimated to reach a total market size of US$12.727 billion in 2025, showcasing a CAGR of 13.14%.

Cloud services allow businesses in the hospitality industry to:

  • customer serviceProvide enhanced servicesCloud solutions help hospitality businesses to scale and upgrade tools that can help automate their payroll, tax, and human resource-related back-office processes like financial planning, managing accounts payable, keeping track of employee attendance, and a lot more. Using smart cloud solutions, organizations can reduce their manual processes, leaving no scope for human errors and focus more on providing enhanced services to customers.
  • check listMeet regulatory compliances fasterData privacy is one of the major concerns for businesses working in the hospitality industry but using the right set of cloud solutions, companies can automate data collection and limit the usage, enhancing risk mitigation and driving compliance. Cloud solutions help hotels fulfil consumer privacy requirements and meet various laws of jurisdiction compliances. By adopting cloud-based solutions, hoteliers can scale up and improve their back-office operations for enhanced productivity.
  • work teamBetter workforce managementAfter the outbreak of COVID-19, most businesses are promoting remote working and by leveraging cloud solutions businesses can smoothly manage their remote workforce. It can help organizations in seamless virtual onboarding of both employees and customers and support them in the new ways of working.

Along with the hotel industry, the gaming industry has also witnessed a tremendous change over time. Leveraging cloud computing, gamers can now stream content through any remote server connected to an active internet from any part of the world, i.e., now they don’t need any powerful hardware to run such types of games. Gamers often struggle with the high-end equipment, but now with the change in gaming patterns and the introduction of cloud solutions, rather than downloading the game and playing, gamers can simply stream them online.

Whether in the hospitality business or the gaming business, companies strive to evolve and meet new consumer demands and business opportunities. However, upgrading their traditional back-office to the new cloud-based solutions is very important and must be done in the perfect manner following the right strategy.

Companies planning to create a multi-dimensional business case must have a clear goal. Businesses must consider both qualitative and quantitative benefits before determining the type of solution. A defined roadmap is a must to pen out all the present and future needs in designing the right type of cloud infrastructure for the organization. Choosing the right set of tools and platforms that can be easily integrated with the legacy platform and can work in coordination is an integral part of the process. It will help in scaling up the whole process and will also assist organizations with efficient data integration. Businesses must go for platforms with ready-to-go configurable capabilities that can help them seamlessly shift from traditional ways to advanced cloud infrastructure.

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