Cloud Based Application for Mobile Banking powered by “arttha”

November 3, 2017


A client was looking for a mobile application that can enable thousands of banks on Mobile Banking and identified the need for Design and development of a secure mobile application that can be used for illiterates and semi-literate population in the absence of internet. The application should support multiple payment mode and types of transactions.


  • Design and development of an application supporting iOS, Android and Java phones
  •  Security enabled via binding the app to the phone IMEI number
  •  Icon-based app for easy to recall and use
  •  Single screen transaction, i.e. all the transactions accomplished using a single screen.
  •  Secured communications with the back-end server/platform
  •  In case internet is down, the communications fall-backs to encrypted SMS


  • The mobile app is used by 160 banks and 500,000 customers
  • No significant issues reported by customers on app usage
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