Charted the implementation of a successful B2B ecommerce application using CloudCraze

December 14, 2021

Business Problem

Our client, the largest American distributor of truck and trailer parts had multiple products listed on their website. The client had an order management system (OMS) on iSeries that used to manage the product orders and account information of the buyers. They needed a full-fledged B2B ecommerce application for their customers to purchase from. This required huge migration and integration of data without any data loss.

Business analysis

Our team analyzed the requirements of the client and their business to understand how the orders are managed, the volume of product and account information, and the existing gaps to build a full-fledged B2B ecommerce application. Based on our analysis, we proposed to implement CloudCraze B2B package for migrating all data from iSeries system to CloudCraze using Dell Boomi environment for integration. We also suggested to incorporate modern ecommerce website features like product recommendations based on consumer behaviour to provide better customer experience and service.

PureSoftware solution

PureSoftware built Integration links between iSeries, Dell Boomi, Salesforce, CloudCraze, and OMS (Order Management System) and migrated large volumes of data (1.5+ million accounts with all account and order related information, and 2+ million product information) from iSeries to CloudCraze by dividing into packages. More than 30 objects of CloudCraze were utilized for the same. The company’s website was linked with WordPress to redirect users to the full-fledged B2B ecommerce website. A continuous 360-Degree testing was carried out on entire system and 300+ bugs were fixed. PureSoftware also implemented AI for product recommendations on the website based on user behavior, using COVEO by Salesforce.


Faster time to market of products through B2B ecommerce application

Deliver better customer experience due to behavior-based product recommendations

Considerable growth in sales

Built sustainability in the business with potential of feature developments in CloudCraze

Technology Stack

Salesforce CloudCraze

Salesforce Lightning

Dell Boomi




Handlebar JS

Backbone JS

Visualforce Pages


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