Business problem

Our client, a French Telecom Giant looked to improve their marketing application to keep up with the fast-paced industry and reach out to higher number of customers. The overall process involved complexities in data management, data migration, mobile compatibility, and a lot more.

Business analysis

On analyzing the business requirements of the client, PureSoftware proposed to implement an integrated marketing application for real-time customer insights and better account planning. The process required use of API and ETL tools and building newer features for building the best-in-class marketing application

PureSoftware solution

PureSoftware migrated customer links, client’s sales & marketing application from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning. Implementation was done following data compliance and GDPR policies. PureSoftware developed Salesforce standard features like showing opportunity historical data, and new features in application to support involvement of SME business model in B2B business model. The application was built with English, French, and Russian language compatibility. The interface connection was made with more than 20 applications through API and ETL tools. For sales and marketing personnel, mobile compatibility features were also developed effectively


One-stop application for all customer information and account planning

Time saving in managing accounts and planning

Better collaboration within the sales team due to better accessibility into account in terms of both quantity and quality.

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