Business Problem

With digitization and increased customer demand for online mobile banking solutions in Nepal, multiple commercial, cooperative banks and other financial institutions were struggling to provide proper online banking facilities to their customers. Due to poor connectivity, especially in remote areas, banks needed a suitable channel that could be accessed even offline for various banking facilities, including sending and withdrawing funds. Banks were also looking for a DTH recharge solution on mobile to combat poor distribution networks in remote areas.

Business Analysis

Our team connected with multiple banks to learn their requirements individually. After analyzing their business problems, our experts understood the need to implement an offline mobile banking solution and mobile DTH recharge solution due to the poor internet connectivity in remote areas.

PureSoftware Solution

After gathering the requirements from multiple banks, we helped them implement Arttha, a cloud-based fintech solution providing mobile banking as a service. The team contacted multiple core banking software providers to develop integration adapters that allowed multiple banks to integrate with the Arttha Cloud Platform in a plug and play manner. These APIs were designed using the ‘Reverse Tuning’ technique eliminating the need for any public IP.

Keeping in mind the issue of poor connectivity in the remote areas, we decided to implement a solution that provides mobile banking features via SMS rather relying on GPRS signal only. We focused on creating a mobile app that allows users to choose their preferred language to navigate the menu and access notifications easily.

We also designed an adaptor between Arttha and bank core banking solution to simplify the integration process, resulting in successful onboarding and integration of banks in one day. Our solution also offered cardless ATM withdrawal and allowed customers for ATM-based cash transfers.


Arttha helped 180+ banks in Nepal in the following ways:

50,000+ transactions per day

Overall revenue from TopUp sold per month reached USD 450,000

350,000+ new customer targeted

USD 700,000 funds transferred per month

USD190,000 merchant payments per month

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