Business Problem

Our client, one of the biggest companies dealing in European Trading Products, was planning data migration and deployment of all the existing applications from on-premises to a cloud solution like Microsoft Azure. They were looking for a solution to standardize their process and reduce manual intervention for enhanced data security.

Business Analysis

PureSoftware cloud computing services team analyzed the problem and suggested some methods to migrate applications efficiently. Since many applications and databases were involved, it was essential to find a migration solution that ensures no data loss.

PureSoftware Solution

After understanding the requirements and analyzing the client’s situation, our team worked on application migration from on-premises to Microsoft Azure. We successfully migrated nearly 300 applications with 100 databases from all the departments to DTE. During the entire process, we followed an agile methodology for quick and efficient results. Our team performed the scripting of all the applications and created dynamic test environment frameworks.

We also created jobs and run them on TFS, an MS application used as a code repository, build and release and issue tracking system. We installed the applications and later performed sanity checks to ensure all the migrated applications run smoothly.


With our agile methodology and efficient automation of cloud infrastructure, we were able to:

Make the organization future-ready and competitive as most organizations were already on it

Reduce manual deployment and intervention for increased efficiency

Reduce the internal cost with cloud-based applications

Offer better data security and uptime compared to on-prem platforms

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