Business Requirement

Our client, an American gaming company was facing challenges due to defects leakage, which impacted their customer retention. They needed to address issues like game management, device support, scalability, visibility, maintenance, security, and domain expertise.

Business Analysis

Our team at PureSoftware analyzed the situation and found that the client faced difficulties in handling multiple games and devices. They lacked scalability and had challenges with making games noticeable. Operating system fragmentation and data security also posed problems. Additionally, the client had to deal with the added complication of expensive development and testing kits.

PureSoftware Solution

Our team of gaming industry experts examined diverse game genres with advanced QA hardware. We utilized Apache JMeter for performance and API testing, which helped us provide quick feedback to make necessary developmental changes. Collaborating with developers, we enhanced UX through UVT tests for updates. We ensured consistent performance across browsers and OS using pairwise combinatorial techniques. Our state-of-the-art Dev Kits covered major hardware, enabling us to facilitate continuous knowledge transfer to the client’s QA Team. Expert reviews from E-Sports champions/bloggers and a specialized casino game testing team were employed for certain titles.

Results: Our testing team helped the client achieve

Over 70% reduction in testing effort for 80% of titles

Enhanced application quality and reduced testing cycles

Maximized defect removal efficiency

Expansion of test case generation to other applications

Successful initial submissions of games and upgrades with Champions Testers & Leads

Independent game testing lounge ensuring data safety

Enhanced visibility of games on respective app stores

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