Business Problem

One of the leading American retailer companies faced many delivery challenges, including bugs identification and efficiency testing. There were multiple teams across projects developing codes that need to be efficiently tested for bugs before implementation. Our client required an agile methodology for quicker deliverables.

Business Analysis

To gain a better understanding of the client’s requirements, our experts connected with their team. After closely monitoring the requirements, we found that the client is looking for DevOps implementation to overcome delivery challenges, streamline order management, and efficiently manage their applications.

PureSoftware Solution

After analyzing the client’s requirements thoroughly, our digital engineering team for DevOps implemented agile methodologies to overcome delivery challenges. We worked with solution architects to achieve efficiency. We integrated the DevOps model for continuous integration and delivery implementation. We helped them establish a dedicated DevOps team to automate jobs for integration. Our engineers also worked on automating the existing setup with the DevOps process and monitor its performance periodically along with build creation and development automation. Our engineers identified the testing issues and worked in the timelines to measure overall performance improvement.

We continuously monitored the success percentage of test scenarios across project, program & domain, which helped us achieve a higher success ratio for overall delivery, ensuring minimal deployment frequency percentage during post-production release rollout.


Our DevOps successfully helped the client achieve:

50% Proactive DF/Bugs identification

100% Improvement in overall project delivery by CI/CD implementation

60% Higher DF/Bugs resolution rate & quicker build process

80% Increased Release Success Achievement

Technology Stack

  • Jenkins
  • Maven
  • Selenium
  • JIRA
  • JUnit
  • SonarQube
  • Jetty
  • jMeter
  • Bit Bucket

Applications Worked on

  • Account Management
  • Search and Browse
  • Cart & Checkout
  • Customer Service Center
  • Big Data
  • OMS
  • GIV
  • Vendor Portal
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